Turkish Stone Supplier

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Ranamar is one of the best-known firms in Turkey for natural stone products and it has been manufacturing the finest natural stone slabs, tiles, windowsills, steps, thresolds and mosaics in Turkey, a nation home to some of the world’s most renowned natural stone quarries.

Turkish Marble

Ranamar is one of the best Turkish marble suppliers in Turkey with the latest technology production and professional team. Ranamar supplies slabs, tiles, windowsills, thresolds, mosaic tiles, bathtubs, sinks, columns, tombstones, steps and risers for its valued customers. If you are looking reliable Turkish marble supplier or marble wholesaler company from Turkey, Ranamar offers an impressively wide variety of Turkish stone products with affordable prices and premium quality.

Turkish Travertine

With its selected quality travertine colors, Ranamar is one of the best Turkish travertine suppliers in Turkey and it is proud to has been introduce flooring tiles, slabs, mosaic tiles, wall tiles, pavers, bathtubs, french pattern sets, split-face tiles, steps, moldings, sinks and pool copings. If you need a Turkish travertine supplier company or travertine wholesaler; we are here to help for the travertine products you need. Ranamar is a one-stop shop with a variety of travertine products.

Turkish Onyx

Turkish onyx comes in a very fine grade and in rich color combinations. With our famous Honey Onyx, Bursa Green and White Onyx; we are one of the best Turkish onyx suppliers from Turkey. Our eye-catching backlit onyx wall tiles have been used in the most prestigious projects around the world. Our onyx stones include also floor tiles, wall tiles, cladding tiles, vanity tops, stone sinks, showers, mosaics, bathtubs and basins for bathrooms, kitchens and other living areas.

Turkish Limestone

Ranamar is one of the best Turkish limestone suppliers in Turkey with its exclusive Finike White, Classic Beige, Cloudy Cream and Perla Beige limestones. Our products include wall tiles, mosaic tiles, limestone moldings, waterjet decos from limestone, slabs, sinks, columns and floor tiles with brushed, antique, honed sandblasted and bush-hummered finished surfaces. Explore how our offerings fit the limestone design plans for bathroom,garden landscape or outdoor setting!

Turkish Granite

Turkey has a large reserves of granite. Turkey’s natural stone reserves are %40 in the world. There are 1 billion cubic meter of granite reserves in Turkey. Today, it is widely used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings due to its beautiful appearance, stability against external factors and water resistance. Our famous Aksaray Granite, Bergama Grey Granite and Rosaline Granite has been used in the most prestigious natural stone projects around the world.

Turkish Dolomite

The Turkish dolomite marbles, which have high reserves in our country, are mostly used for interior and exterior flooring and wall covering applications. Due to the high demand and limited supply of white marble and its derivatives, Dolomite is found at very high price such as other white marble variety. Turkish dolomites are very well known in the world and sometimes they are called as Marmara Dolomite, Bianco Dolomite, White Dolomite, Spider Dolomite, Rosso Venato.